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Libera Me


Majoli Alex

Book Info

Date: 2010

Ed: 1st

Pages: 64

Language: English

ISBN: 978-1907112225


This photographic story is a personal exploration of loss, separation, heaven and hell. Inspired by Pirandellos play Six Characters in Search of an Author, Majoli elaborates on the notion that we are all actors of life . Divided into three chapters; chapter one, Persona, consists of individual black and white photographic portraits, whilst chapter two, Libera Me, is a surrealist composition of Latvian landscapes, with which Majoli explores the idea of paradise. The third chapter, Lacrimosa, is in colour, and emerges from Majolis exploration of the memorials of the genocide in Rwanda, and their associations with the idea of hell. This large-format book focuses on the first chapter, Persona. In the twenty portraits only the face is visible, lit with a light that always shines from above as if it were a divine light. Dramatic in nature, they suggest the notion of judgement, the question of what awaits us after we die and the idea that we are all going to be judged on the day of our death.

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